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Meet our authors


Atomiv is an all-in-one template to help IT teams build high quality software faster. It is built specifically for enterprise software development needs, covering project management, architecture and development. Atomiv is rooted in best practices in enterprise architecture, providing a standardized software solution template. This provides your software teams with a clean architecture foundation, so that they can quickly and easily build quality software. Atomiv is open source (MIT licence) so it can be freely used both for commercial purposes.

Author: Valentina Cupać

Founder & Software Architect

Author: Jelena Cupać

Software Developer

Author: Petar Zečević

Software Engineer

Author: Boban Bojkovski

Senior DevOps Engineer

Author: Tamara Golubović

Process Manager & Project Manager

Author: Fergus O'Brien

Co-Founder & Recruitment Consultant

Author: Velibor Cakarevic

Embedded Development Engineer & CEO

Author: Andrew Griffing

Head of Enablement, Strategy & Transformation

Author: Clifford Long

Director of Quality & Statistician

Author: Jon Campbell

Program Manager

Author: Milan Vidaković

Software Architect & Head of Development

Author: Ivan Jovanović

Technical Team Lead

Author: Miroslav Trninić

Senior Software Developer

Author: Divna Simeunović

Business Analyst & IIBA Serbia President

Author: Uroš Ljubenović

Software Engineer

Author: Vladimir Maljm

IT Manager & System Administrator

Author: Amer Khan

Senior Learning Designer

Author: Jelena Mitrović

Software Developer

Author: Damnjan Matejić

Chief Technology Officer

Author: Miloš Terzić

Web Developer

Author: Darko Rakić

PHP Developer

Author: Igor Bogdanović

Frontend Web Developer

Author: Nebojša Bojanić

Wordpress Developer

Author: Stefan Loncaric

Wordpress Developer