Ready to accelerate your enterprise software development teams and deliver successful software projects? Welcome to Atomiv.

What is the Atomiv?

Atomiv is a high-quality high-performance architecture framework built for software enterprise teams. It is rooted in best practices in enterprise architecture, providing a standardized software solution template. This provides your software teams with a clean architecture foundation, so that they can quickly and easily build quality software - accelerate your development whilst retaining high quality.

Atomiv is open source (MIT licence) so it can be freely used both for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

How can Atomiv help you?

Atomiv is designed to support your software teams:

  • Develop high quality & high performance software
  • Develop software faster than ever before
  • Develop software in a standardized way
  • Easily grow your teams with new members

Atomiv is designed to support your organization:

  • Deliver on time & budget
  • Increase profitability & decrease costs
  • Make your customers happy

Valentina Cupać
Valentina Cupać

Valentina is a Software Architecture Consultant who is focused on standardizing software architecture and software development to achieve high quality efficiently.