Every project has its own phases, which should be determined and followed during one project execution. Therefore, software development has its own general phases, which one software will go through during its development and implementation. Documenting phases for one software in the beginning of the project will help in its management, understanding and better tracking.

Here are the main phases in one software development:

  • Preparation phase:
  1. Requirement gather up
  2. Making the team based on project requirements and time frame
  3. Project plan created based on milestones
  4. SWOT analysis
  5. Meeting with the team and presenting the project
  6. Going over plan with the team and assigning tasks
  • Research phase
  1. Research based on picked subjects
  2. Document research findings
  3. Present it to the team and mark the favourites (if applicable)
  • Design phase
  1. Make the plan what to design based on time frame or requirements
  2. Create a workflow (wireframe)
  3. Check the wireframe with developers and the team
  4. Show it to the client (after that make necessary changes if needed)
  5. Create responsive design first based on previous requirements
  6. Create design for desktop based on responsive design
  7. Check it with developers and the team
  8. Show it to the client
  9. Prepare XD file for developers, including material
  • Development phase
  1. Prepare environment for development
  2. Determine which methodology to use (BEM methodology – REQUIRED)
  3. Make the plan for the team
  • Testing phase
  1. Testing on all devices (mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet)
  2. Testing on all browsers (Edge, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari)
  3. Functionality testing
  4. Design check
  • Implementation phase (the phase is done when all requirements are fulfilled and the results correspondent to the design)

  • Maintenance phase

  1. Monitor the performance of the software
  2. Software update
  3. Software fixes and repairs if it is necessary

Tamara Golubović
Tamara Golubović

Tamara is a dedicated Project Manager with a passion towards business development and process implementation.