DevOps Culture

DevOps boosts culture of collaboration between software development (Dev) and operations (Ops) teams. Emphasises a shift in mindset that leads to increased productivity through automation, security, continuous delivery.

It enables teams to self service, focusing on planning, developing, measuring and improving what matters.

DevOps Metrics

‘four key metrics’ (described in Accelerate) track performance of DevOps implementation in the organisations.

  • Lead Time for Changes - How long it takes to run (code) changes in production.
  • Deployment Frequency - How often (code) changes are deployed to production.
  • Time to Restore Service - How long it takes to restore failed service.
  • Change Failure Rate - What is the percentage of failed deployments.

DevOps transforms business and brings benefits like innovation, shorter time to market, user satisfaction, growth.

DevOps Tools

DevOps team is build of professionals with specialized skills and cross-functionality capabilities, using wide number of tools and practices to deliver solutions.

DevOps tools
source: thenewstack.io

Boban Bojkovski
Boban Bojkovski

Boban is a Senior DevOps Engineer, with experience in CI/CD and automation, using container and container-orchestration software.