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What is Atomiv?
  • Knowledgebase - sharing best practices both in management and technical topics
  • Template - open source templates for PM, BA, Backend, Frontend, DevOps, QA, to provide a foundation for successful IT projects
  • Community - global / remote community of people who want to contribute to IT standardization and best practices
Contributing to Atomiv
  • Author
  • Reviewer
  • Developer
  • Mentor
Process Topics
  • Process: Standardization, Process, Optimization, Automation, Efficiency, Quality, Cost Reduction, Software Development Industrialization, Software Development Factory, Lean Six Sigma, Toyota Production System (TPS), Lean Manufacturing, Continuous Improvement
  • Leadership: Leadership, Global Leadership, Project Management, Agile, Scrum, Kanban
  • Teams: Self-organizing Teams, Remote Teams, Cross-functional Teams, Scaling Teams, Communication
  • Documentation: Software Requirements, Knowledgebase, Centralized Documentation
Technology Topics
  • Architecture: Clean Architecture, Microservices, Messaging
  • Design: SOLID, DDD, CQRS, ES, TDD
  • Backend: .NET Core, Java Spring, PHP Laravel
  • Frontend: Angular, React, Vue
  • Mobile: Android, iOS, React Native, Xamarin
  • Databases: MS SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Neo4j
  • Messaging: RabbitMQ, Kafka, Azure Service Bus
  • Authentication: Open Id Connect, OAuth, Identity Servers
  • QA: Selenium, Appium
  • DevOps: Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Chef, Ansible, Puppet
  • Cloud: Azure, AWS
  • Business Intelligence: Data Warehouses, BI tools
  • Big Data: Big Data Storage, Big Data Processing, Analytics and Reporting
  • Machine Learning: Classification / Regression, Supervised / Unsupervised Learning
  • Integration: ERP, CRM, SRM, etc.