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Services that drive IT

Valentina Cupać
Founder & Software Architect

Valentina is a Software Consultant, Software Architect and Senior Developer who cares about clean code, clean architecture and test automation. She helps IT companies standardize software architecture and development, increase software quality and team productivity. Get in touch at:

  • Clean Architecture
  • Standardized Development
  • Test Automation
  • Process Consulting
  • Team Coaching

Jelena Cupać
Founder & Web Design Consultant

Jelena is a passionate Frontend Developer with a background in design, with experience in WordPress design, Bootstrap and SASS and Angular development. She also provides services in Business Intelligence - including BI Dashboards, BI Reporting and Analytics. Get in touch at:

  • UI/UX Design
  • Frontend Development
  • Web Design and Development
  • BI Reporting and Dashboards
  • Content Marketing

Velibor Cakarević
CEO & Embedded Development Engineer

Velibor is an Embedded Development Engineer, with experience in development of real-time software for embedded systems and code optimization. He has completed projects in embedded development, Linux / Android OS and porting to hardward platforms. Get in touch at:

  • Embedded systems development
  • Application development for Android and iPhone
  • Porting software to hardware platforms
  • Linux kernel development
  • VoIP development

Fergus O'Brien
Co-Founder & Recruitment Consultant

Fergus provides offsite consulting for tech companies requiring external help with Recruitment Strategy, Search Execution and Executive Search. This may mean helping internal recruiters to devise and execute a recruitment strategy for a given time period, or it may mean owning a strategically important requirement from start-to-finish, or it may mean making ad-hoc contributions to a scaling effort over a longer period of time. Every company in growth mode has a continuous flow of recruitment challenges to negotiate, and Fergus is able to parachute in quickly to assist with unblocking, empowering and assisting recruitment teams. In recent years, many of those teams have been based in California, but Fergus has worked successfully with teams in most of the world’s time-zones (from Santiago to Singapore). Please contact Fergus via LinkedIn if you’d like to arrange a discovery call:

  • Recruitment Strategy
  • Search Execution
  • Executive Search
  • Empowering Recruitment Teams
  • International Experience

Tamara Golubović
Project Manager & Process Consultant

Tamara is a Process Consultant who is focused on standardizing and optimizing organizational processes to help organizations increase team productivity and improve results.. Get in touch at: Felix Consulting

  • IT Project Management
  • IT Process Management
  • IT Organizational Transformation