One of the components of any project development are meetings, especially if you are working in a team of 2 or more members. The purpose of the meeting may vary but the final goal is the same, to help in project development, delivery on time with desired quality. There are different types of meetings, depending on which methodology is used for project management and of course from company culture. Here are the steps to follow for two general types of meeting and their documentation:

Internal team meetings

There are different types of internal meetings, and most of them are divided by its goal and final outcome. But mostly, in every type of internal meeting, the following steps are required:

  1. Review what needs to be done
  2. What was done
  3. Were there any problems

New project meetings (kick off meetings)

These meetings are usually held after the new contact is signed and the team has a new project to work on. Therefore it is necessary to have a meeting with following:

  1. Present and explain clients needs, requirements and project’s main goal
  2. Team should ask questions or share their thoughts about it
  3. If have all information, then proceed with plan creation
  4. If the team doesn’t have all the necessary information, schedule another call with the client and repeat the process above

Meeting notes document

This document should contain following:

  1. Participants
  2. Date
  3. Subject line
  4. Meeting goal
  5. Notes
  6. To Do’s