Status Reports

Status Reports

Client Status Reports

Since every project is divided into smaller parts or milestones, it is important to track them, and communicate with the client after each milestone is done. In this way, you will get clients approval after each phase, make sure that you are on the same page with the client and avoid additional corrections.

Steps to execute this management phase:

  1. When a milestone is done, PM should send an email with summary of what was done and accomplished in the previous milestone
  2. The email should contain necessary documents and links so that client can see and access to the finished part of the project
  3. A client needs to provide feedback for the down work and send it back to the PM
  4. PM communicate feedback to team
  5. If there are changes, PM will discuss with the team when, how and who will apply it

The document which you will be sending to the client should contain the following information:

  1. Milestone goal
  2. Milestone accomplishments and access to it
  3. Milestone start and end date
  4. Next steps
  5. Overall project status
  6. Estimations and real time spent (not necessary, depending on the project type and contract)