• Businesses
  • Customers
  • Suppliers

Catalog Process

ACME Corporation Employees need to be able to manage products:

  1. Employee browses the Product Catalog
  2. Employee adds additional products to the Product Catalog
  3. Employee unlists products in the Product Catalog
  4. Employee relists products in the Product Catalog
  5. Employee selects the Supplier for each product
  6. Employee sets the retail price for each product
  7. Employee sets product price discounts

Sales Process

The primary sales process is triggered by the Customer:

  1. Customer browses the Product Catalog
  2. Customer adds products to the Shopping Cart
  3. Customer submits order
  4. Customer makes a payment
  5. Business receives the payment
  6. Order is shipped to the customer
  7. Inventory is updated based on the shipped products

Purchasing Process

The primary purchasing process is triggered either automatically (when stock for a product goes below a minimum) or when the procurement department specifically makes a purchase order:

  1. System creates a purchase order
  2. System sends purchase order
  3. Supplier fulfills the order and ships the products to ACME
  4. ACME ERP records the received products within inventory
  5. Supplier sends an invoice to the ACME
  6. Acme makes payment for the invoice