Marketing Readiness

Marketing Readiness

Recruitment Marketing

Once the high-level and low-level definition have been finalised, it is tempting to jump straight into the project execution phase. However, and this is especially true in organisations that are lacking in maturity, or operating at a high-velocity, it is vital to build an index of resources that will be required throughout the interview process.

This comes down to the fact that recruitment is a two-way exercise. On the one hand, it is important to define and screen so that the right candidates are identified and assessed. On the other hand, candidates must be provided with a set of informational resources which will allow them to understand the nature of the organisation that they are contemplating joining. An additional reason for encouraging this phase is that it enables the recruiting team to synchronize on messaging, presentation and language.

Make a list of the resources available to candidates looking to learn more about the business. This may include:

  • Website
  • Collateral documents
  • Demo videos or other product explainers
  • Relevant team bios
  • Company blog
  • Links to press, publicity or announcements
  • Past employee feedback from places like Glassdoor
  • Funding announcements from places like Crunchbase
  • Customer testimonials or case studies
  • A simple app outlining key info
  • Any other online/offline resources that add value

Market Intelligence

Another valuable set of materials to collate pertains to resources that will help the recruiter in any active outbound campaigns that he/she chooses to embark upon. This may include:

  • Ideal target companies (e.g. competitors, companies of a similar size/stage, companies with a similar hiring bar)
  • Companies to avoid (e.g. clients, partners, investor network affiliations, companies with a low hiring bar etc)
  • Relevant companies that are experiencing layoffs
  • Former colleagues from team network (to target referrals)
  • Past messaging used in previous hiring activities

Fergus O'Brien
Fergus O'Brien

Fergus is a Talent Acquisition consultant, with experience in FinTech recruitment and executive search. He is an advocate of further learning and de-centralized education.