Business Case

Business Case

The Atomiv template is based on using a fictional client example to illustrate usage of the template throughout all stages of the IT project.

Project Outline

Our client is a fictional company, ACME Corporation, which has a successful retail business, they have physical stores where they sell products to customers. Top management from ACME Corporation has told us that they’d like to have an online store to keep up with their competitions, who’ve also moved online. So, they’ve decided they want to jump onto the eCommerce bandwagon. ACME Corporation contacted us to build the ACME eStore.

Scope Outline

We got a short email from ACME Corporation:

Dear Super IT Company,

We’d like to more into the eCommerce business, so we are considering that you build for us an online stored, called ACME eStore. We don’t expect anything complex in it, so it can be like the other shops online. Also, keep in mind we want full automation with our existing systems. How much would this cost and how long would it take you to build it?


Acme Corporation Management

After some additional calls, we have some high level discussions with Acme Corporation and find out their high level requirements:

  • Administrators need to be able to manage list of Employees and Managers of ACME Corporation
  • Employees need to be able to log into ACME eStore and to manage the product catalog
  • Customers need to be able to register and to log into the ACME eStore and to browse through the products, add products to their shopping cart, checkout their order and make payments online
  • Customers need to be able to see real-time statuses for their orders, and to get indications of expected delivery dates.
  • Managers need to be able to able to get analytics regarding order sales in order to be able to make business decisions and to see product profitability and the factors which affect sales.

There are also some additional requirements regarding integration with other systems:

  • Need to be able to integrate with the in-house ACME Identity system, for authentication
  • Need to be able to integrate with the in-house ACME ERP system, in order to get product data and handle the supply chain
  • Need to be able to integrate with online payment systems, in order to enable customers to pay online

Valentina Cupać
Valentina Cupać

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